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7 Pole Instagrammers to Follow for #Polespiration

There are so many amazing pole performers and instructors around the world, and many provide amazing tips, tricks, workouts, and how-tos on their social media channels. Build up your #polespiration playlist of Instagram pole influencers with these picks recommended by instructors and PSO medalers from The Diva Dive!

"I love Lydia's fluidity and her ballet technique is to die for. She makes everything lovely. It is my dream to visit her and her studio one day in Korea! She makes things that are incredibly advanced look so easy. She is very strong and tough, but all you will see is beauty and the art." - Miss Sally

"Alethea Austin is an OG of Pole! A true pioneer of the industry with a slinky smooth style you will never be over. She owns the Chrome Bar in Nashville and has taught here at the Diva ... and we’ve been there to visit her, too! I would never have gotten my shoulder mount invert if it had not been for her! She made me do it!" - Miss Sally

"Jamilla came and taught at the Diva Dive the December we opened! Her autographed photo hangs on our wall proudly. The first Miss Pole Dance Australia, she comes from the Land of Oz where pole fitness first took the world by storm. She now lives in Las Vegas and teaches at Shine studio where many of us have gone to take her class. She is also famous for her DVD series, Jamilla Deville - The Art of Pole, which you can get on Amazon. I adore her sweetness, her heart, and her commitment to the art. She taught me “The Jamilla” and I try to honor her method when I teach it to my students." - Miss Sally

Recommended by Miss Courtney, Phoenix is another pole artist who has taught classes at The Diva Dive! A Los Angeles native, former gymnast, and dance instructor, Phoenix brings so much to the pole arena. Her dance training includes the Alvin Ailey American Dance School, Joffrey Ballet, The Los Angeles County High School for the Arts, and 2 years on scholarship with Bella Lewitzky. Her latest accomplishments are earning the title of Female Elite Champion of Pole Art Italy 2015 and Vice Champion of the female professional division of the Pan-American Pole Championships 2015 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Another recommendation by Miss Courtney. Based in Los Angeles, California and born and raised in Austin, Texas, Natasha travels the globe as an in-demand teacher, performer, and competition judge. Natasha instructs at BeSpun in Los Angeles and is a featured instructor with OpenDance Academy, Complete Pole, and X-Pole TV. Her Instagram videos offer some serious #polespiration!

Recommended by PSO Gold Medalist Miss Inger, Holly is her favorite pole Instagrammer. One of Miss Inger's favorite features is the list of combo variations Holly offers for different moves. She also has a cute dog who sometimes makes guest appearances in her videos!

Another recommendation by Miss Inger, @pole_koala is a favorite follow, namely because of the great combos she shares. Her moves also tend to be more accessible for pole students at all levels.

Do you have a favorite pole Instagrammer? Share your #polespiration with us!

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