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6 Classes to Feel Sexy in February

From Sexy Floor Flows with Miss Samantha to Liquid Motion with Miss Regina and Miss Sydney’s Pole + Chair Dance classes, The Diva Dive has several ways for students to feel sexy this February.

Plus, the Sexy Series is returning! Only offered during the first two weeks of February, take Miss Sally’s world famous lap dancing class or treat yourself to a special Valentine’s Day sultry chair dance class with Miss Regina.

Read about our steamy February classes and sign up for the one (or two) that’s perfect for you.

The Sexy Series

Only Offered During First Two Weeks of February

The Sexy Series returns to The Diva Dive this month! These limited-time classes are only available during the first two weeks of February – open to all levels.

1. Miss Sally’s World Famous Lap Dancing Class | Monday, Feb. 6 & 13, 8:30 pm

Ladies only! In this class you’ll learn a super sexy lap dance guaranteed to leave your Valentine panting for more. Even if you’ve never taken a class or workshop at the Diva Dive before, this number is designed to set you up for success! Class includes a sultry warm up, a twerking tutorial, and a dance number.

2. Miss Regina’s Sultry Chair Dance Class | Tuesday, Feb. 14, 8:30 pm

Not to be confused with Lap Dancing, Chair Dance requires no partner to be performed. The chair is the apparatus for the dance, and you’ll learn just how sexy a simple object can become depending on how you interact with it. This class is suitable for all levels of dancers. An oversized button-down shirt with a collar and heels are recommended. Knee pads are recommended and are also provided by the studio if needed.

3. Liquid Motion

Pole Level: 2

Day(s) Offered: Tuesdays (7:30 pm) & Sundays (1:30 pm)

Teacher: Miss Regina

This floorwork class focuses on creating slinky, fluid movement that is the hallmark of Pole Classique (sexy pole). Focus is placed on breath and proper muscle engagement to safely dance, arc and roll across the floor. Leggings, yoga pants, knee pads, tall leg warmers, tall socks and/or leg warmers are necessary for your comfort during class.

4. Beginner Pole & Chair Combos

Pole Level: 2

Day(s) Offered: Wednesdays (5:30 pm)

Teacher: Miss Sydney

Learn combos and choreography that integrate both chair and pole dance. Focus is placed on sexy chair tricks and transitions between the apparatus, and each class puts it all together to create one seamless routine. Leggings, socks and/or knee pads are recommended.

5. Down and Dirty Floorwork

Pole Level: 2

Day(s) Offered: Wednesdays (7:30 pm)

Teacher: Miss Sally

This old-school floorwork class focuses on essential moves like clock legs, heel clacks, leg admiration and body waves of all sorts as you slink and slide across the floor. Advanced students can visit on shoulder stands and fish flops. Heels, knee high socks or leg warmers and knee pads are suggested.

6. Sexy Floor Flow

Pole Level: 2

Day(s) Offered: Fridays (6:30 pm)

Teacher: Miss Samantha

This pole-based class includes slinky, sexy low pole work and floor combos to help you create beautiful transitions and add dimension to your pole routines.

All these classes have availability, but it won’t last long - especially the Sexy Series. Sign up for classes on Vagaro. Nervous to try it by yourself? Bring a friend, have some fun this February, and get in touch with your sexy side.

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