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Class Descriptions

~ Class Levels ~

Our Pole Class Levels align with the system set forth by Pole Sport Organization (PSO) for Competitive Pole Dance & are conducive with the Xpert Pole Certification System. The explanations below will help you select the right classes for you.  All classes are ladies-only for the safety and privacy of our clients.

The numerical levels also similarly apply to our Specialty Classes such as
Contortion, Pilates, Ballet, Conditioning, Lyra, and Aerial Hammocks.

All classes are designed for Adults, with the exception of our Pre-Teen & Teen Aerial Classes as noted.

Click here for Student & Teacher Dress Code.

Level 1 - Intro & Beginner
 Intro/Beginner. No experience required. Level 1 classes are first-day beginner friendly,
plus welcome to current beginners who have a bit more experience.


Level 2 - Strong Beginners

Beginner (but not your first day). Level 2 material assumes you are familiar with Level 1 essentials - you have taken at least one Level 1 class - and are ready for more. Introductory information will not be reviewed in Level 2 classes.
Level 2 is welcome to current beginners who have taken one or more Level 1 classes, and to higher-level students seeking review.


Level 3 - Intermediate Students
Intermediate. To Enter Level 3, students must pass a scheduled Exam with Miss Sally.
To pass, you must be able to demonstrate mastery of the Beginner Syllabus and
be able to confidently and consistently hold an Inverted V on the Pole.

Level 4 - Advanced Students

Advanced. Level 4 classes are for Advanced students who have mastered Level 3 essentials and can easily climb, aerial invert, sustain leg hangs, and comfortably utilize shoulder mounts to invert. It is expected that Level 4 students are training and cross-training at the studio multiple days a week. Level 4 Students are highly encouraged to take our Pilates, Ballet, and other Flexibility classes to supplement training.  

Pole Fitness Classes

Pole Fitness
Pole Dance is an art, an exercise class, an international competitive sport, a means of self-expression, and an activity that is strengthening and empowering for many women who practice it. At the Diva Dive, we offer Xpert Pole instruction. All of our teachers are highly trained and qualified, and have been teaching Pole Fitness since 2013. Our poles are Competition Grade 45mm Chrome finish with both static and spin settings. Let our staff guide you through your Pole journey. We offer dozens of Pole classes each week, and can't wait to see you at the Studio!

Aerial Classes

Lyra, also known as aerial hoop, is a metal circle that is suspended from the ceiling, and incorporates both strength and flexibility. You will learn how to invert, spin, and transition into and out of various positions. 

Silks, Aerial Yoga, & Aerial Hammocks
Our Silks & Aerial Hammocks classes use soft and supportive fabric slings to suspend you in the air. Enjoy the feeling of weightlessness as you improve strength, gain body awareness, increase joint mobility, and decompress the spine. Each class will contain exercises for strength, in addition to flexibility, in a fun and safe environment. The Hammocks are also used to prepare you for more elevated work on the Silks. The apparatuses are used in combination during Silks classes to facilitate learning skills low to the ground before trying them up high.

Teen Aerial

Our Teen Aerial Classes are open to students ages 11-13 (pre) and 14-17 (teen).  Offered Monday - Thursday, the Aerial program will provide a combination of Lyra and Hammocks technique and exercises, which will vary by day.  Ballet classes are offered at complementary times and are recommended supplements to Aerial participation to accelerate coordination, strength, and fluidity. 

Fitness Classes

Mat Pilates Conditioning

This class will work your entire body while in a seated position or lying down. Pilates movements are very focused and precise, so a little goes a long way, you can see changes in your body in as little as three sessions. You will learn proper spinal alignment and articulation as well as breathing techniques to get the most out of your workout. This class is great for cross training.

Booty Barre Workout
Ready to tone your tail? Then this class if for you. Suitable for all levels, this class will center on targeted moves and repetitions that will lift and firm your glutes, sculpt your upper thighs, and tone up quads. The class will be intense and move quickly. You’ll feel the burn and see results after just one session.


80’s Aerobics

In this class you’ll get to sweat it out with some old school 80’s Style Aerobics while jamming to some of the best music of the 80’s and 90’s. Suitable for all levels, this class will focus on elevating your heart rate, toning up your arms, legs, and core, in a super fun atmosphere. You’ll earn bonus points for wearing your thong leotard with your biker shorts!


Ballet Classes


Adult Beginner Ballet

This class will focus on ballet essentials training that will give you a great basis of technique that will enhance and support all of your dance activities

Adult Intermediate Ballet

This class is appropriate for dancers who have 1+ years of ballet training. This adult ballet class will move quickly and include a full barre, center work and pirouettes, followed by challenging adagio, petite allegro, and grand allegro combinations.

Flexibility Classes

Mongolian Contortion

Intro to Contortion is designed to give students a strong foundation in Mongolian-based contortion technique. This class will work towards improving your passive and active flexibility as you begin to learn basic contortion skills such as the handstand, forearm stand, and chest stand.

Conditioning and Flexibility for Splits
In this  class you will be safely guided in stretches geared towards gaining flexibility in your front and middle splits, plus gain the strength to safely support increased flexibility. You will learn different stretching techniques that will not only lengthen your muscles, but strengthen them too! This class will be most effective if taken at least twice a week!


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