What do I need to know before I take my first pole class?

Pole should be fun! Don’t worry about nailing every move or spin in your first class, we all have to start from scratch. Don’t wear any lotion the day of your pole class, it will cause you to slip! Rings or anything that will scratch the pole are not allowed to be worn in class.

Can I just watch?

We don't allow spectators for any of our classes to protect the privacy of our students. If you are nervous about taking your first class, we have all been there! We are here to support and encourage you so just give it a try!

How do I sign up?

You can sign up on our website, from our FaceBook, Instagram, or directly from Vagaro.

How do I sign up for live stream classes?

If the class you are signing up for is live stream, there will be a live stream option when you sign up online with any of the links above. For pole classes, you are required to have a properly installed and safe to use pole. No pole? We have plenty of classes that don't require a pole, try pilates, booty boot camp, flexibility, ballet, or contortion! Looking for a pole? We love XPole!

What do I wear?

In beginner pole classes, you will learn that skin contact with the pole is necessary for safety. We recommend to start out with athletic shorts and a tank top. For our lyra and Fly Gym classes, yoga leggings are recommended.


Can I wear heels?

Intro/Beginner Pole classes are done in bare feet. You are welcome to wear heels that are made specifically for pole dancing (Pleasers, Ellie, etc) to Sexy Flow, Floor Work, and any intermediate or advanced pole class.


Am I strong enough to do pole?

Yes, in fact, pole classes will make you stronger! Whether you have never worked out before or you are a pro athlete, everyone starts at the same level in their pole journey. Our classes are designed so you will progress and get stronger at your own pace.


I am pretty strong, do I have to start in the beginner class?

Yes! Pole is a very unique exercise and to do it safely, everyone has to learn to train their muscles specifically for pole.


Is it safe?

Our pole instructors are trained to keep you safe. There is no going upside down in Intro/Beginner pole classes. As you progress in level you will learn more advanced moves. You will not be asked to perform any moves that you are not mentally or physically prepared for.

Do the poles have a weight limit?

Our pole equipment is guaranteed by the manufacture to support up to 250 pounds. No one will be asked for their weight and we ensure that all students will have a positive and safe learning experience.

How old do I have to be?

You must be at least 16 (with a parent/guardian signature) to take classes at The Diva Dive.


Do I have to prepay to sign up?

Vagaro does not require you to prepay when you sign up. When you “checkout” it will reserve your spot and you can pay after your class.