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5 Pole Accessories We Recommend for Class

One of the most frequently asked questions we receive from first-time visitors is, what do I need to bring? Great question, and you’ll be happy to know, the answer is pretty simple!

Depending on what class you’re taking, we have a list of five pole accessories we recommend, brands we like and where you can find them. Read on to learn which classes are best for each accessory, and show up to your pole class feeling prepared and confident!

1. Sports bra and shorts

This is the appropriate attire for every pole class in every level. You cannot take a pole class wearing long sleeves, leggings or a t-shirt. You must be able to make skin contact with chrome for any of this to work.

That being said, please do not show up to class wearing lingerie (trust me, we’ve seen it before!). We are all about wanting you to feel sexy and fabulous, but leave the lingerie at home for your sweetie to enjoy. Pole classes are just like any other gym class - dress appropriately for public.

You can grab any variation of a sports bra and shorts you have in your closet, but if you’d like to go shopping for something cute, here are some brands we recommend:

2. Grip (iTac and Dry Hands)

Grip is not a requirement for Level 1 students, but once you start advancing, you’ll need some good grip to stay on the pole. Dry Hands keeps your hands from sweating and is a great tool for strength training. iTac is a beeswax formula that should be used sparingly on your arms and legs to assist with climbs, inverts and more advanced moves.

Both products are available for purchase at the Diva Dive!

3-4. For floor classes: Knee pads and leggings

If you’re planning to take floor classes such as Miss Regina’s Liquid Motion, Miss Samantha’s Sexy Floor Flow or Miss Sally’s Down and Dirty Floorwork, invest in a nice pair of knee pads. Any brand will do – just make sure there is enough padding to protect your knees during class. There are some pairs of knee pads available at the studio, but they are first-come, first-served for each class.

5. Heels

To preface, heels are NOT worn in every class. You must be Level 3 or higher to wear heels to a pole class, or Level 2 or higher for a floor class. If you do wear heels, we recommend two brands: Pleasers and Ellies. These brands are high quality and made specifically for pole practice, meaning they won’t fall apart on you while you’re dancing and they won’t scuff up Miss Sally’s expensive studio floors.

An extremely well-known brand, Pleaser Shoes has a wide variety of styles, colors, materials and heights to choose from. Whether you want to sport a leather lace-up or show off the brightest metallic colors, Pleasers have affordable options and are quality shoes that will last a long time.

Ellies are only available for wholesale purchase directly, but they can be found at various suppliers, including Amazon. Similar to Pleasers, Ellie also offers a good variety of pole heels, but they specialize in costume heels. So if you’re planning a showcase routine for Halloween or Valentine’s Day, check out Ellie’s stock to complete your costume ensemble.

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