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7 Reasons to Book a Pole Party at the Diva Dive

Grab your girlfriends and get ready for an afternoon of fun! The Diva Dive offers pole parties for groups of up to 14 (more can be added for an additional fee) on Fridays and Saturdays all year round.

When you book a pole party at the Diva Dive, you are essentially renting the entire studio just for you and your group. Pole parties last between 1-1.5 hours and include time for a beginner pole fitness instruction with a certified Diva Dive teacher, plus time for photos and socializing. Attire should be a sports bra and athletic shorts and we have spacious bathrooms for changing. No socks or shoes for pole exercise.

Bachelorette parties are our specialty, but pole parties can be booked for any occasion or celebration. Want to try a new activity? Get your girls out of their comfort zone? Switch up a friend reunion or girls night out? We’ve got you.

Here are seven more reasons to book at pole party at the Diva Dive:

1. The Diva Dive is a safe space for all women to feel strong, sexy and fabulous. We pride ourselves in creating a space where all women are welcome and safe. It does not matter how athletic you are or if you’ve ever done anything remotely related to pole before. We will meet each individual where they are and make sure that fun is always the number one priority. No one will be asked to do anything they don’t feel comfortable with, and anyone can opt out at any time. Feel free to show your sexy side or just focus on perfecting simple shapes. In short: be anything you want to be at the Diva Dive!

2. Try something NEW. Pole fitness is one of those things we see in movies that we say, “I wonder how hard it is to do that,” and “It looks like fun.” Wonder no more! Grab your best girlfriends and break out of your comfort zone. Carpe diem! Live those resolutions! This experience might make your crowd step into a whole new world, and who knows what could come of that.

3. Learn basic pole moves with your friends. So yes, the “new” thing we’re trying here is pole fitness. This wonderful, skinny piece of chrome is both hard work and super rewarding. The fun thing about pole parties is that you basically get to try a Beginner pole class, but the class is filled with all of your friends! If you’re the kind of person who feels shy trying something new in front of strangers, set your mind at ease. Pole parties are meant to be fun, but also educational. We’ll teach you some pole basics, then a few fun moves and finally we’ll let you loose for playtime.

4. Receive basic class instruction from one of our fabulous teachers.

Yep, you saw the word “teach” in the last point. Pole parties include instruction from a Diva Dive teacher! Get a Diva Dive class experience but with added fun just for you and your group. Learn the basics of pole and some beginner moves, such as learning how to walk around the pole, dips and a Fireman spin.

5. Add wine, champagne or hors d'oeuvres to your booking.

Keep the party light and bubbly – with a side of bubbly! See our catering menu for food and drink options to add to your package. It’s a great way to keep your group nourished and feeling good. Plus, champagne also makes any gathering feel like more of a party!

6. Bring decorations to customize the studio.*

*There are exceptions, of course. Nothing with staples or strong adhesive tape, and please don’t stick anything to the mirrors. Balloons are fine.

7. Snap great photos against our light wall.

Show off all the fun you’re having by taking fierce poses in front of our light wall. This is also a great place to hang decor (with your teacher’s supervision) or pose with the poles. If you share your photos on social media, remember to tag #TheDivaDive.

IG: @thedivadive

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